Today we’re excited to announce the second group of African creators that we will commission with 400,000 $AFTR tokens. Each artist will have 60 days to create an art piece in their unique style, with the theme of Afrofuturism. We are scheduling our next drop the first week in November. Exact dates, speakers, and events coming soon!

Over the next 2 months, the AfrofutureDAO team will work to continue to grow our channel partnerships and our ability to amplify the work of these 5 incredibly talented African creators.

We will kick off the next drop with an exclusive Metaverse drop…

September 9, 2021 // 2 PM EST, 7 PM WAT, 9 PM EAT

It’s been 4 months since the official launch of the AfrofutureDAO. So far through our quarterly drops we’ve generated 26.35 Ethereum for African creators. We’ve gotten more clear on our mission and manifesto. And now time for us to take the next steps to further decentralize the AfrofutureDAO.

Add to your calendar

  1. 10 minutes — Quick intros
  2. 5 minutes — AfrofutureDAO update
  3. 2 minutes — Brief intro to affinity compasses
  4. 15 minutes — Filling in affinity compasses separately (silently)
  5. 5 minutes — Clustering (silent)
  6. 20 minutes —…

540 NFT Collectibles leading an Afrofuture revolution 🌍 🤖 🚀

The year is 2040. It’s been a decade since a grass-roots revolution swept across Africa throwing off the shackles of poverty long imposed by nefarious actors and corrupt government officials. The Afrofuture Citadel was established with 5 councils governing the continent through the AfrofutureDAO. $Afrofuture, an Ethereum-based social currency was implemented to fund African Creators to build the future. Africa quickly became humanity’s primary driver of scientific advancement. A council of 540 were established, becoming widely recognized as the Afrofuture Mafia. This is their story.

Meet the $AFTR Mafia NFTs

Today we’re excited to announce the first group of African artists that we’ll be commissioning with 400,000 $AFTR tokens each. Each artist will produce an NFT art piece that will be dropped into the $Afrofuture Vault and auctioned off on July 1st and 2nd.

Each artist will have 45 days to create an art piece in their unique style within the theme of Afrofuturism. Out of the five artists selected, three are based in Nigeria, one in Kenya, and one in South Africa.

Without further ado, meet the first five artists who will help to inspire a bright Africa-led future…

The first $Afrofuture drop will occur on Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST

We’re excited to announce that we’ll dropping the first 5 still photographs from the Mohamed Amin Collection next Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST. This is your opportunity to own a rare piece of African history and be forever enshrined in the $Afrofuture story. The minimum purchase price for each piece will be 2 ETH.

Throughout the day next Monday, we’ll be dropping video shorts on the $Afrofuture Twitter handle that will feature the Mohamed Amin Foundation’s Founder and Chairman, Salim Amin, providing further context and telling…

A tokenized community exploring Africa’s past and co-creating its future

Since the 1996 death of African photojournalist Mohamed Amin, an inconspicuous back room in Nairobi, Kenya has been locked off from the public, maintained only by two solitary sentries stationed between file cabinets in a windowless, climate controlled vault. Now, after years of frame-by-frame cataloging and the digitization of thousands of hours of raw video footage, the Mohamed Amin Collection is opening its doors to the world for exploration. This archive represents one of the world’s greatest unexplored historical artifacts. …


We’re a collective exploring Africa’s past while co-creating it’s future.

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