$AFTR V2.0 — Introducing the Afrofuture Mafia

4 min readJul 9, 2021

540 NFT Collectibles leading an Afrofuture revolution 🌍 🤖 🚀

The year is 2040. It’s been a decade since a grass-roots revolution swept across Africa throwing off the shackles of poverty long imposed by nefarious actors and corrupt government officials. The Afrofuture Citadel was established with 5 councils governing the continent through the AfrofutureDAO. $Afrofuture, an Ethereum-based social currency was implemented to fund African Creators to build the future. Africa quickly became humanity’s primary driver of scientific advancement. A council of 540 were established, becoming widely recognized as the Afrofuture Mafia. This is their story.

Meet the $AFTR Mafia NFTs

The $AFTR Mafia consists of 10 unique characters designed by Botswana-based designer, Simbarashe Langton Vera. Each character has an origin hex color, for example a 1st edition Maasi Mara has the Kenya flag colors while the 1st edition Yoruba Yele has Nigeria’s. There are 54 potential background color combinations, each inspired by the 54 African country flags. Editions 2-54 each have randomly generated background colors of one of the 54 color combinations. Learn more at https://afrofuture.ai.

$AFTR Mafia NFT Utility

1. Token-gated access to the $AFTR Vault

  • The $AFTR Vault contains a growing archive of content from the Mohamed Amin Collection, Africa’s largest unexplored historical archive of 5000 hours of raw video content and 2.5 million photographs gathered between 1963–1996. It includes unique, high quality documentation of the events surrounding post-colonial Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan
    and Afghanistan. This timeless work of art features culture, conflict, political upheaval, wildlife, entertainment, and an unparalleled visual chronicle of the daily life of millions of Africans. NFT holders gain access to the digitized archive and can vote each quarter on which 5 images are auctioned off as NFTs to the public. V1.0 of the $AFTR Vault will use Mintgate to gate access to a community cloud drive.

2. Access token-gated Metaverse spaces

  • Club $AFTR (located in Decentraland at -70, 42) will host early NFT drops from each quarter’s commissioned $AFTR Creators. It will also host early buy now opportunities with selected images rolled out from the $AFTR Vault. We’ve put up a token-gated wall around Club $AFTR and will whitelist $AFTR Mafia NFT holders for free entry. An entry fee of 10 MANA will be charged to the public.

3. Trigger Reward of $AFTR social tokens

  • Purchasing a Mafia member and bridging it over to an Ethereum address will unlock a reward of 3,000 $AFTR social tokens. We’ll post a tutorial on how to do this later this month.

Phase 1 — The first 100 Mafia Members available

Available now on Mintbase 🌍 first edition $AFTR Mafia NFTs are available for 50 NEAR each while the rest are available for 20 NEAR. https://mintbase.io/store/afrofuturemafia.mintbase1.near

Phase 2 — Edition 11–25 released

As soon as the first 100 NFTs sell out, editions #11–#25 will be minted and listed on Mintbase for 20 NEAR each.

Phase 3 — Edition 26–54 released

As soon as the next 150 editions sell out, editions #26–#54 will be minted and listed on Mintbase for 20 NEAR each.

Grab your Mafia members and co-create the Afrofuture with us 🌍 🤖 🚀

  • Earn $Afrofuture — Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the initial ways you can earn $Afrofuture. Over the next 12 months, we will move governance into a DAO structure with $Afrofuture Mafia NFT holders taking the lead in proposing and making decisions for the DAO and deciding the treasury management strategy.
  • Join the community on Discord — Our Discord server will feature a group chat full of Africa’s leading thinkers, creators, and crypto natives. Here is where we’ll be organizing history focused discussions, led by Salim Amin, discussions on cryptocurrency in Africa, led by key operators from the African tech industry, as well as a place for creatives to share their work, collaborate on projects, and help to co-create the Afrofuture!
  • Participate in our quarterly auction events — Follow us on Foundation and Twitter to be sure you don’t miss any of our NFT drops.

If you’re interested in working with the $Afrofuture team, offering feedback or just want to give us a shout, feel free to introduce yourself on Twitter at @afrofutureai, join us on Discord, or comment below!




We’re a collective exploring Africa’s past while co-creating it’s future.