The $Afrofuture Genesis Drop

2 min readApr 23, 2021

The first $Afrofuture drop will occur on Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST

We’re excited to announce that we’ll dropping the first 5 still photographs from the Mohamed Amin Collection next Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST. This is your opportunity to own a rare piece of African history and be forever enshrined in the $Afrofuture story. The minimum purchase price for each piece will be 2 ETH.

Throughout the day next Monday, we’ll be dropping video shorts on the $Afrofuture Twitter handle that will feature the Mohamed Amin Foundation’s Founder and Chairman, Salim Amin, providing further context and telling the untold stories behind the NFT photographs.

Purchasers of the initial 5 NFTs will additionally be rewarded with 50,000 $Afrofuture tokens and will have their names forever displayed in Club $Afrofuture at -70,42 in Decentraland. As a part of our mission-driven treasury strategy, a percentage of proceeds from the auction will be allocated directly to an African archivist training fund, as well as an African history preservation fund, as laid out in our initial Medium post.

Creating the Afrofuture and expanding the Vault

At the close of the auction, we will announce the first group of African artists who will be commissioned to contribute an Afrofuturistic NFT art piece into the Vault. These drops will periodically occur over the next few months leading up to next quarter’s drop which will take place in July.

Africa based artists can apply on a rolling basis at to be one of the artists commissioned. We will continuously revisit applications and check in on each artist’s progress for future consideration.

We’ll also have some exciting announcements on the expansion of the $Afrofuture Vault coming over the next few weeks!

Catalyzing the conversation

Join us on Discord where we will be organizing monthly history focused discussions, led by Salim, as well as discussions on cryptocurrency, tech, and innovation in Africa, led by leading entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders in the African tech and innovation industry.

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