Announcing the second $AFTR commissioning

Today we’re excited to announce the second group of African creators that we will commission with 400,000 $AFTR tokens. Each artist will have 60 days to create an art piece in their unique style, with the theme of Afrofuturism. We are scheduling our next drop the first week in November. Exact dates, speakers, and events coming soon!

Over the next 2 months, the AfrofutureDAO team will work to continue to grow our channel partnerships and our ability to amplify the work of these 5 incredibly talented African creators.

We will kick off the next drop with an exclusive Metaverse drop in our token-gated Club $AFTR in Decentraland. Attending this early drop will require holding a minimum of 2,500 $AFTR. Otherwise a one time entry fee of 10 MANA will be required to enter.

Out of the five creators selected, one is based in Benin, one in Ethiopia, one in Nigeria, and one in Kenya.

Tondji 🇧🇯

Tondji is a self taught visual/3D artist with 4 NFTs minted. His style is a mixture of Afrofuturism and Conceptual Art. He especially likes to explore the different African cultures in order to tell the story of Africa differently. He currently lives in Benin.

Fanuel Leul 🇪🇹

Fanuel is a digital artist who grew up in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia and currently lives in Addis Ababa. He’s the cofounder of Qedamawi Comics a comic book that narrates African history in a new light. It mixes the epic stories of African Kingdoms and mixes with fantasy and the supernatural.

Dada Boipelo 🇰🇪

Dada is a multidisciplinary artist, creative director and muse based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a veteran NFT artist and mints across Foundation, Opensea, Mintbase, and Zora. In her work she focuses on creative direction, fine and digital art creative, and social media strategy.

Joel Meshak 🇰🇪

A fashion designer, creative director, and visual artist from Kenya. Through his work he communicates his perspective on post-modern culture and idealism. He’s the creative force behind the signature streetwear brand called NAIVAA through which he infuses pop culture, his experiences of living in Nairobi, as well as global influences to create a streetwear brand.

Izuchukwu Onyedibiemma Udokwu 🇳🇬

Izuchukwu Onyedibiemma Udokwu is a storyteller, fashion designer, and a poet. He’s the Founder and Creative Director of Zuny Label, a fashion label creating pieces to tell African stories through fashion. His work has appeared on Kalahari Review, Connect Nigeria, and Afreada.

Follow us on Twitter at @afrofutureai, and join us in our Discord server to stay up to date on the AFTR community and our upcoming Q4 NFT drop 🚀🚀




We’re a collective exploring Africa’s past while co-creating it’s future.

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We’re a collective exploring Africa’s past while co-creating it’s future.

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