540 NFT Collectibles leading an Afrofuture revolution 🌍 🤖 🚀

The year is 2040. It’s been a decade since a grass-roots revolution swept across Africa throwing off the shackles of poverty long imposed by nefarious actors and corrupt government officials. The Afrofuture Citadel was established with 5 councils governing the…

The first $Afrofuture drop will occur on Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST

We’re excited to announce that we’ll dropping the first 5 still photographs from the Mohamed Amin Collection next Monday, May 3rd at 12pm EST. This is your opportunity to own a rare piece of African history and…

A tokenized community exploring Africa’s past and co-creating its future

Since the 1996 death of African photojournalist Mohamed Amin, an inconspicuous back room in Nairobi, Kenya has been locked off from the public, maintained only by two solitary sentries stationed between file cabinets in a windowless, climate controlled vault. Now…


We’re a collective exploring Africa’s past while co-creating it’s future.

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